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All the advantages of self-adhesive labels

It is a mistake to believe that self-adhesive labels-a product with a limited scope. Remember, walking in the store, what first catches your eye? Bright, with a three-dimensional image and high detail, commodity stickers literally take prisoner the ordinary inhabitant. Food, household and automotive chemicals, perfumes, alcohol segment. The modern market can not exist without a stand-out trademark, which is applied to the label.

And the logistics industry? Moving huge volumes of cargo, there is simply no time to identify each Luggage manually, plus there are requirements of automated systems that read data from labels in a certain format.

The list of areas interested in self-adhesive products is endless.

Competitive advantages of self-adhesive products
Making a choice in favor of self-adhesive labels, you get a lot of advantages:

● Individual approach. Our printing company takes responsibility for the development of exclusive design, the selection of substrate materials, taking into account the peculiarities of the use of stickers, the speed of production without loss of quality;

● Ease of use. Modern adhesive-based stickers are easy to apply. There is no need to specially clean and prepare the surface. Labels are glued to any relief with a tight fit even in places of oil pollution;

● Cost cutting. By minimizing the cost of purchasing glue and special tools for surface preparation and adhesion increase, you get a significant financial benefit. And also save time spent on the application of ready-made stickers.

● Resistance to damage. Modern self-adhesive labels are made of durable materials resistant to changes in temperature, humidity, direct sunlight. Thanks to the silicone-containing surface, the label will remain intact after a long stay in the rain and snow.

Technological components of self-adhesive labels
It is the responsibility of the printing company to use quality materials to ensure the aesthetic appearance and increase the life of the label.

The following materials are used in the production process:

● Glue. The Flex-n-roll company considers specialization of the customer, works with the special materials admissible for marking of food products;

● Paper. To reduce the cost and ease of transportation is very popular roll base;

● Silicone layer. The intermediate layer between the paper and the paint coating. The density of application and its quality determine the durability of the finished product;

● Paint. The choice of high-quality paint guarantees protection against burnout, rain washout and mold damage in high humidity conditions.

The cost of the finished product largely depends on the choice of the basis for future stickers: label tape on a paper basis, all colors, metallized or synthetic base with a film layer.

“Flex-n-roll” offers self-adhesive label printing through the use of innovative heat-sensitive substrate, ensuring long-term operation without loss of presentation.

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