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His own boss, or how to improve efficiency in the home office

Working remotely has become fashionable not only for mothers on maternity leave. Thoughts about the free schedule are increasingly visited by ordinary office workers. No matter how comfortable the Desk and chair at work, and the heart of a simple clerk stretches home. How to change the fate and turn the sofa in the living room in the workplace learn from our article.

Own master
Before you go to work at home, consider the option of business registration. It will be useful to find a specialist who will help in accounting SP on the STS at first.

Working at home involves managing time on your own. This is the main point on which novice homeworkers stumble. The concept of “I’m so comfortable” can turn into chaos and life mode 24/7.

And therefore, after the decision to move to remote work, divide personal time and work. And Yes, before you get distracted by a new series of long-running film, ask yourself the question, and there would be such an opportunity in the office.

Discipline above all else
Change from soft pajamas to special clothes for work. You don’t have to wear a business suit. But it will be better if you do not cook dinner or sleep in these clothes. External concentration will attract the working mood, which, believe me, can be difficult to find at home.

Create a working atmosphere
And even better creative! Save your attitude. Do not waste your time on trifles, compensation for damage to the apartment after the flood trust the professionals. Small breaks, afternoon rest, favorite music, hot sandwich and sofa cushions on the carpet instead of a chair-pleasant moments that affect the emotional mood and positive state.

Not to distract
Select a separate room for a study. If this is not possible, organize a work area in the room. Minimize the number of distractions from work. Warn households about working hours, in which it is better not to disturb on trifles.

Change the environment
Don’t get hung up on work at home. Periodically change the dislocation. A table in a cozy cafe, a library, a bench in the Park can be a great workplace, giving positive and inspiration.

On the corporate!
Do not ignore invitations to corporate events. This is a great opportunity to communicate with colleagues, learn the General mood in the company and, finally, recharge the corporate spirit and motivation.

Home office gives free time for self-realization and development of creative potential. Use it wisely! Do not forget to delegate authority. With legal and accounting issues will help to understand the professionals at for example.

Change your life for the better and stay in the creative flow!

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