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Nowadays, a new type of lending is increasingly popular: funds secured by PTS. This method helps to quickly and without any problems to obtain credit funds, and the collateral becomes…

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Entrepreneur of the new generation-Andrey Birzhin
With proper education and extensive professional experience, Birzhin AA demonstrates impressive achievements in the industry. He notes that only thanks to the close-knit teamwork of the Glorax Group team, the…

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Hotel automation: saving time

Hotel business is characterized by all-season. In the capital and major cities are constantly coming guests, which must certainly be comfortable to accommodate. For this reason, in hotels there is no lack of guests. The centers of tourism and sanatoriums smoothly accept citizens wishing to be treated and have a rest.

Throughout the year, hotel staff work tirelessly, managing significant financial resources. Their responsibilities include:

Tracking the work of staff.
Preparation of all kinds of documentation.
The formation of the customer base.
The presence of a staff of accountants and administrators does not solve the problem of confusion in the paperwork. Sometimes it is difficult to accommodate visitors in a short time, to provide them with appropriate conditions of stay and to monitor possible abuse of official position by employees.

To avoid these negative circumstances helps the introduction of a special resource that automates the process of doing business. Once you purchase the appropriate software package, you can effectively establish a hotel business.

Automation to the greatest extent / required by the owners of the hotel chain, providing management and founder of the necessary information at the moment. Without this service can not do the administration and numerous customers, more quickly receive quality service.

For guests there are special magnetic cards for non-cash payments for numerous services, including:

The use of the rental.
The availability of the Internet.
Watching TV channels.
Today, an increasing number of management personnel are willing to make the automation of business to improve the operation of the hotel, holiday home, sanatorium or mini-hotel.

Specially introduced program is the best way to cope with the tasks. This option is ideal for small-sized hotels and large hotel complexes with a mass of buildings and a variety of services, including:

Separate Park areas.
Spas and other service forks.
The program is extremely accessible to the public due to the uncomplicated interface and not the complexity of use. Lack of experience on the computer is not an obstacle to its rapid development, followed by the correct conduct of operations and processing the required amount of information. In case of any ambiguities to the services of users detailed and useful advice developers.

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